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Now we all know how handy it is having a mobile in the pocket or handbag, indeed, the vast majority of people find it hard to function without a mobile to hand, but times change and technology moves on and it’s fair to say that the regular mobile is starting to look somewhat jaded in this digitally enhanced age in which we live. Of course, regular mobiles can still serve a purpose and if people simply want to make calls or send texts, they’re perfectly fine, but it’s worth remembering, the dawn of a new era has arrived and whilst the latest handhelds can of course call and text people, this is only the start of their amazing story. When someone holds a device like the HTC One in the palm of their hand, not only are they holding a mobile telephone, they’re also in the presence of a fully fledged multimedia device, indeed, to call such state of the art devices mere mobiles is indeed doing them something of a disservice. Without any shadow of a doubt, feature rich Android devices raise the communications bar in just about every way that people care to mention and when they’re partnered with a suitable data package, they do indeed make the world a smaller place. Impressive handhelds and dynamic online project management solutions represent all that is great about technology and indeed, if it’s collaborative tools that businesses are interested in, online project management solutions are well worth a closer look.

  • broaden horizons
  • communicate more effectively

Affordable, effective and a constant source of inspiration, web based collaboration and project management tools can help the company cause no end and the sooner that such innovation is a part of those business plans, the sooner small and medium sized enterprises will be able to move things on to the next level. The virtues of blue chip business tools are plain for all to see, as are the virtues of handheld devices like the HTC One. Simply glorious in the looks department and boasting a list of features that is seemingly never ending, this is a handheld device that commands respect and indeed, once people have encountered such state of the art excellence, they’ll be hard pushed to use a regular mobile again. Without a doubt, state of the art handhelds and effective web based business tools deliver where it matters most.


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